Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 13

I didn't have anything on today.
Most of the reading was on Esau's lineage.

So I thought I would just talk. :) Many of you know about my struggles with going into missions full time. If not, now you do. This journey I have been on for over a year has been life-changing (really...) and knowing that we all have a part in fulfilling the Great Commission is so humbling. I know that not everyone is called to overseas living, but we are all called to spreading God's Word. I never thought that I would ever consider being a missionary. I always said that there is too much need here in our own country, but I never did anything about that need here. I love the group of friends I have here where I live and I wouldn't be the person I am now if it had not been for the encouragement, prayers, influence, and accountability that came from each of you. I encourage y'all to reach out to your communities. Where do people need God's love? Where can you infiltrate to share Jesus with someone. We have a prison ministry at our church. Have y'all ever considered going as a group to something like that once in a while? Growing together spiritually is a huge blessing. Game nights have been a ton of fun and it has been a great way to help each of us get to know one another better, but how are we growing in Christ? Lets encourage each other and challenge each other in our faith. If it means stepping outside our doors and reaching out, lets do it. Lets get uncomfortable together to bring others to Christ. :)

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