Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16

So today's reading isn't my favorite Bible story. When Joseph's brothers meet him to buy grain, it seems he still resents them for what they did so many years ago. He keeps his identity hidden, throws them in prison, and demands them to bring their younger brother. Two years go by with Simeon still in prison when they visit again and when they are leaving, Joseph tries to con Benjamin in being his slave!
For all that has supposedly changed for Joseph, it seems he still is holding onto bitterness. Maybe he was testing his brothers to see if they had really felt sorry and repented of what they did to Joseph. Was he making sure they would protect his younger brother and do whatever they could to spare his life and make sure he returned safely to their father.
In the end, he tells them who he is and also lets them know not to feel bad for what they did because everything was in God's plan for him to be there. So even in Joseph's bitterness and resentment, he recognized that he was in God's plan for him. And it is important to see that he let go of that bitterness and graciously welcomed his brothers and their families to Egypt so that he could take care of them.


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