Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3

Genesis 7:5
"So Noah did everything as the Lord commanded him."

How many times has God asked us to do something so bizarre that it absolutely makes no sense? I'm sure there have been times like this that I have disregarded because I thought there would be no way God would ask me to do that! Can you imagine though, how Noah's faith must have strengthened out there while he was on the ark? He wasn't only confined to this ship for 40 days (as I tend to think sometimes when I read the story)--he was there for just over a year! I think about my calling to missions while studying this story. God asks us to leave everything we know and completely trust him (so bizarre!) Noah did everything God commanded him. He didn't ask why or tell God that he would get to it later. He listened and obeyed--immediately. Lord, I pray for that kind of faith.

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